So just about every electronic  store I have gone into now in the past year has a row of bluetooth speakers, all shapes a sizes but none that I really like. They all look like star trek and tron had babies. After doing a little digging (not long) there is a plethora of tutorials on how to do just this thing. So I am going to attempt to follow a few of these and post my results as I go along, now off to the crazy…

Bluetooth, Ardunino boards

dcafcac3-5fe1-4c61-aa8d-762ee3a64ceaFor now I just want to simply stream audio from my phone to a bluetooth receiver and I found the perfect all-in-one board that has both bluetooth and an digital amplifier (25W x2) on Banggood for an easy $13.

All that is left to do is decide how I want to power it, find two speakers and build a custom enclosure. More to come….